We have been visiting The Gambia for over 20 years. During this time we have helped financially to build the Kunkujang nursery school & support under privileged children through school from the age of 4 years to 8 years of age, plus assisting their families. We have also assisted in food distribution, self sufficiency, healthcare, free malaria centre, supply of school uniforms, dental healthcare, infection control, assisting the women's village market, school repairs and upgrading plus much more.

The Gambia is a very poor country and to give education to a child means you change ONE persons life and a families life forever. The families are so poor all they can afford is very basic food, some children do not even have shoes and few clothes. They live in what they call "compounds ", some are made of mud & some are made of single line of breeze blocks with a corrugated roof. Most have no electricity or connected water. None have kitchens, bathrooms or toilet facilities as we know them.
Life is hard and basic with the parents if they manage to get work earning the equivalent of £30 per month. But work is scarce. They have literally no spare funds to purchase anything other than basic food.

For non sponsored children we want to make sure all children have a uniform at a cost of £5 each. A 50 kilo bag of broken rice costs £18/£20 and will feed a family for some 6 weeks. At the moment we have arranged for 100 children to have schooling and this works as follows. The sponsor pays £40/E40 per annum (If euros the family receive less). We personally hand this sum of money during our frequent visits to the family of the child and the school.

Your monies cover, uniform, school fees (which vary) plus basic papers and pens. Any residual money is for the family use. We arrange for you to have a photograph annually, letter of thanks from the family, school report and if possible family history form (by letter or email). Should you wish to give any extra money for your family for food, clothes, toys etc this will be done.

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