Kunkujang School

The Nursery School was founded in 1992 by two young Gambian men, Abdoulie Jatta & Musa Jawo. At first classes were held in a borrowed mud-brick building with two volunteer teachers from the community. After a visit to The Gambia in 1993, John & Christine Billingham formed a group called ClassMates & began raising money to build the community a school of their own. On 16th January 1995 John laid the first concrete block of the new school. Labour was provided free of charge by people of the village. Other visitors to the village saw what was being done & contributed to the cost and in 1997 the first building, comprising three classrooms, an office and a store-room were completed. Since that date the community has received support from several sources and a second block of classrooms has been built. When the building was finished, ClassMates continues to raise money to help pay the teachers’ salaries & that continues to the present day. Payment of salaries is so important as without these payments there is no school.

Nyland Knight as possible purchases school materials, stocks a first aid box, upgrades the school as is possible, supplies vitamin tablets to the school children, supplies BOP mosquito sprays, free Malaria treatment for the school children, enhancing the children’s lives with a football team, shoes, uniforms, clothes, books, toys and arranges staff salaries.

The object at the school is for the children to learn & enjoy as the school is an integral part of the village community. Nyland Knight also concentrates on child sponsorships & enhancing the village in healthcare, self sufficiency, food deliveries & assisting the village in general.