Self sufficiency

We started a small school vegetable garden in 2011,which was started by Pattie Harding & was known as “Patties Garden “.This is Africa ,so we had successes & failures on our small garden. Sometimes we lost all our plants & sometimes they grew well,it was a learning curve.

In 2014 we received monies of £5,000 from a very generous benefactor & the idea was born of “A SCHOOL SELF SUFFICIENCY CENTRE “. We carefully planned a large area to include raised vegetable gardens, several animal compounds ,caretakers quarters, feed shed etc.

The building of this centre started in November 2014 & was added to as further monies permitted, being completed in late 2016, although there are always works to be done. We are now at a stage to make this centre a unique facility to create monies long term for the school .All nursery schools receive NO FUNDING whatsoever from the government, hence most are private schools way beyond the reach of our children .

We are now at the stage to test on a smaller basis what we hope to achieve at this centre .Initially in late 2016 we will take delivery of 100 chicks for fattening & 2/4 goats for breeding .We will carefully assess all problems with this test run & expand & change from what happens. Careful training for the staff will be undertaken & when proven the children will take an active roll. The centre idea is to teach the children &create monies for the school to operate successfully.

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