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Current Projects

  • Small discounted rice centre sold by the cupful to the very poor
  • Supply of goats and chickens for self sufficiency
  • Malaria centre (free to children up to 16 years of age)
  • First aid and New Mothers training to European standards
  • First aid and health and hygiene center
  • Purchase of school materials for the whole school each year /li>
  • Set up school self sufficiency teaching centre.
  • Exterior and Interior painting of school.
  • Delivery of rice,medicines,clothes,toys,vegetables,fish ,fruit & sweets
  • Totally rebuild of womens market
  • New & first ever school library
  • Distribution of vitamin tablets to the school children daily.
  • Full electricity to all the classrooms
  • Reassessment of all teaching methods.


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    Peter Downey

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    Roger Portainer

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    Zuth Cronin

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    Yvonne Brereton

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    Terry Barnett

  • A small, highly efficient and effective charity run with passion and determination to improve the lives of some of the most underprivileged […]

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  • I have been involved with this charity since 2007 and have seen many changes, for the better. Education and health care are […]

    Deborah Ives

  • This charity started some 20 years ago. Lots of learning along the way, but so much has & is being achieved, very […]

    Terri Harmston

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    Pete Black

  • What a difference you’ve made, so proud to call you our friend

    Jacqui Laing

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    Madeline Bell

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    Pamela Pearson

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    Wayne Warwick

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    Christine Stephenson

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